Gothic Lolita shoot with Alexa

We spent a weekend shooting Alexa. Time well spent. I absolutely LOVE working with her. She is a great example of what I expect from a model. Pose after pose she gave me slight variations of looks each one a keeper, followed directions to a tee, and just blew my mind. Look at the above [...] Read More


Danielle – location scouting

Here are some pictures of a model we met in San Francisco. She told me she wanted to be a demon coming out of the woods. I think she did a great job. She goes by the name of Necro Wolfie. We were a little worried because we don’t know our way around San Fran, [...] Read More

Raleigh Wide Open

Raleigh Wide Open was a blast. I picked up my niece in Lumberton and brought her up to the capital to hang out. It turns out, we were having a big festival. I told her that this is just how we roll on Saturdays. She didn’t seem impressed.