Erin and I decided to go down to the anime convention and see what we could see. And there was much to see from Navi to Chun Li to Final Fantasy. (Did you see how I rhymed that last bit?) Here are my favorite costumes that we shot.

Little Sister From Bioshock - Great Job

Bio shock was pretty creepy. Especially because you killed these little girls dressed like the girl above. She looks sweet doesn’t she? Think again Rapture inhabitant.

He loves the camera. And his staff.

He said he left his high heels at home. Seriously. I think he is the king of hearts. Or the mad hatter, or something that ate Gandalf.

I know I played this game once. Like 13 years ago.

This might be one of my favorite shots of the day. These guys look tough. This guy worked his one arm out so that this pose would look authentic. The other person has no face. Sad.

The sundial witch

I have no idea what she is, but her costume is awesome!

This girl had an awesome costume. I think she is the sundial queen that kills you if you are around at 4:20. Or she might be from Final Fantasy 22. More likely a Final Fantasy thing.

Chun Li, Guile battle

What you talkin' about guile? RIP Gary Coleman. 2010

I love, love, love street fighter. It turns out I love people dressed up like street fighter. She makes costumes for these events. He teaches Korean martial arts. Together they rock my world. I love how she fights with huge, what I am assuming are, goth jogging weights from the eighties. Ahh Chun Li, you make great video game character, not so great movie. Cool costumes.

Dexter's Lab

Get out of my Laboratory!

Say with Russian accent: Dexter ees best cartoon and also best TV show. One is child in basement, one is serial killer in basement. Just like aunt’s house in mother Russia. *Back to American* That’s his real beard y’all!

This is how she dresses everyday.

“What are you?” I ask.

“I am just me. This is how I am.”

“. . . OK. Can I take your picture?”

“Yes. How do you want me to pose? I am not sure what to do.” The above photo is what I got when she randomly selected a pose. Seems like she knows what she is doing. I wonder how long it takes her to put on her belly makeup everyday. Looks good to me.

This girl, cute as a little doll, hated every picture I showed her. Then I realized she didn’t like the way she looked in the picture. With such an awesome outfit, flaunt it girl. I think you look great!

Hellsing - Something vampire something

Love this costume, love this shot, and love this model. Vampire hunter, not Nazi.

I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.

Oh Jessica, it’s you again. No . . . Wait this is not my recurring Roger Rabbit dream. It’s real. . . . *Kevin voice* Awesome.

They are invading Raleigh. Who knew?

Kratos and the girl from Heavenly Sword. Really cool. What’s next??

How did this get in here?

So you do what with that tail? Oh OK. With each other? That’s cool, you know different species have their own way . . . aaand you do that with your horse too? Of course, you do it with the birds as well. Makes perfect sense.

That's a wrap.

Actually, that’s a roll. See more costumes. Leave your loving comments below.