Erin and MiaRaleigh Wide Open was a blast.  I picked up my niece in Lumberton and brought her up to the capital to hang out.  It turns out, we were having a big festival.  I told her that this is just how we roll on Saturdays.  She didn’t seem impressed.

She was, however, impressed with the fake princesses.  We also saw BMX stunt people, skateboard tricksters, Roller Derby girls and break dancers.  Exciting!

Flying over Raleigh

Dreams of Heather Graham

We returned that night to see the circus performaers.  After the first set, Mia and I took some quick portraits of the performers.

An Aerialist, she swings in the air on ribbons

Hula Hoops . . . on Fire

Just awesome. She twrils her friend around on her feet

The second show was all fire.

And for the grand finale, fireworks while everyone was hurling fire and flipping and dancing.  We were in the front row.  While all this was going on, what was my niece doing?

. . .

That’s right, texting.  Nothing can get her off of that.  Not even real life.

Great Job guys!  Special thanks to Mia for holding the off camera flash during the whole performance.

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