Fun Halloween this year, even though I have had a terrible cold all weekend. First to Chandra’s house in Charlotte, NC on Friday. We always take a group picture outside Chandra’s house. This is the only party I have made every year. Something always comes up for every other party. Erin and I got stuck in some crazy traffic on the way from Raleigh. There were three car fires! How do you have a car fire? What makes your car catch on fire? I need to know so that if there is some kind of warning so I can avoid causing traffic on the 40.


We used one umbrella and the Ranger RX for this shot. The group is too big to light effectively with one light, so we did what we could.

Inside, I didn’t take any pictures. Chris took them all. He did a good job.

Erin and my pumpkin wasn’t cool like last year’s. We did what I guess amounted to the monopoly man. Last year we did boo from Super Mario Brothers.

Erin and I made Boo from Super Mario Brothers. Copyright Samuel Pinero 2009 _DSC3556

Saturday, we went to Jon’s house and then went out shooting people in the street. I used the Ranger and the Maxilite to give deep shadow, dramatic lighting that I thought might be suitable for Halloween. We saw some really neat costumes and we stopped the people we thought had some of the best.

_DSC4320 _DSC4180 _DSC4213 _DSC4221 _DSC4237 _DSC4245

These girls were filthy. If you want to see the NSFW pics, email me.

These folks work at Sushi One. A new restaurant on Glenwood.

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