Here are some pictures of a model we met in San Francisco. She told me she wanted to be a demon coming out of the woods. I think she did a great job. She goes by the name of Necro Wolfie.

We were a little worried because we don’t know our way around San Fran, but we found some really neat trees in the Presidio when we scouted out a location the day before.  I was hoping for some fog.  It was foggy every day except this one.  Nonetheless, we were able to find some great places to shoot because we scouted ahead.




Another spot with Erin:


And the shot with Danielle:


If you are wondering why she is so pale, she was wearing white makeup to make herself look whiter.  Location scouting is an important part of our process.  Even in situations where we know we will not have a lot of time to find a place to shoot, we make time to look for the best spot out of the available locations.

Notice that Danielle’s shots are so much moodier than the shots of Erin?  That’s the effect of using a lighting rig instead of taking “available light” photos. Had we taken the photos with available light, then we could not decide where to take the pictures.  The place would have to decide for us.  For the photos of Danielle, Erin is holding a speedlight on a paint pole through a small softbox.