Erin and I go to Animazement every year to see the neat costumes. We try to take as many pictures as we can, but con-goers are pretty shy, so we miss some of the best costumes every year. Good Times. You can see all of the pictures here.

Here are some of our favorites.

My Niece.  She won’t give me a straight face.  

Master Chief from Halo.  That’s Erin’s hand making the lens flare on the right.

Final Fantasy Character that I don’t know.

These two are having a cosplay wedding.  Which is going to be cool.  They should get one of my photobooths.

I had her boyfriend blow smoke in our faces for this one.  I didn’t make the cool face like she did.  The Elmo hat didn’t help either.

This girl really looked like Chell from Portal.  We love that game!

The whole Aperture Science team and Chell.  This was a hard shot to get. The scientists are lit by a different light.  Tricky.  The scientists actually made that gun and Chell’s boots.  I mean really, like in real life.

This is a Pokemon.  I am too old to know anything about this.  I know Thundercats and Voltron.  That’s where it ended for me. Thundercats Ho!

More Pokemon that I don’t understand.  But my man is rocking the orange suit.


Mortal Kombat!  This I know.

It got spookier as the con went along.  I love these costumes.


The inhabitants of Rapture.  We had a little sister last year.

Sid from Final Fantasy.   We also have him as Dexter two years running now.

I don’t know who this is, but she is a dead ringer for a lady down the street.  Guns and all.

Nice kick. Radio Raheem?


This guy was Kratos last year.  Nice Job.

Little Mac from Punch Out.  Played too much of that game.  This guy tried to punch me, but I saw him jumping.


Vincent.  I don’t know how I know that.

LiLu.  We saw her last year as well.  In another costume.  She is also Catwoman below.  The Fifth Element rocks!.  That plastic thing was creeping up her butt the whole Con.  She mentioned it several times, I was not looking.  It looked really uncomfortable.  Chaffing would be my concern.



Siren.  Very nice costume.  I love love love it.   I loved her costume last year too.  She was some Helsing something.


Sailor Moon.  For Jon.

My fine feathered friend again.  I have taken her picture quite a bit in the last couple of years.

No comment. . . OK I will comment.  LOVE IT!


Assassin’s creed.


The fire truck is real.  The banana is not. 

Is this perpetuating a stereotype about Italian Americans?  Erin and I are watching the Sopranos right now.


Fett?  I can’t tell the Mandalorians apart.


Empath – Raven from the New Teen Titans.  I love the Teen Titans.

Is that light firing?  Clearly both of them are.  My assistants.  Erin and Jon.


Love evil costumes.  Love taking pictures of evil costumes.


I probably should play this game.  There were quite a few people dressed like Silent Hill.  It was bright daylight, but it looks spooky when you light it right.

Here’s another link to the full gallery.