Here’s another shot of Alexa. Let’s talk about gels. Every light in this image are gelled. The background light, the rim lights and the main light are gelled. You can see the way I gelled the softbox in the reflection in Alexa’s eyes. The following shot is a crop of a 3/4 shot. Just put two orange, or CTO gels taped to the front of the softbox. You can also put the gels on the inner diffuser.

I am starting to love these things. What I would like is to get another set so that I can double gel and gel more lights the same color. Anyway, the key to getting a deep color is to set the light to a lower power than you would think. Again if the color is not deep enough, lower the power of the light. If you can’t get the power low enough, raise the power of all of your other lights and raise your f-stop to compensate.

The other issue I had in this shoot is with the rim light set up. Rim lights are a pain in the neck as they will flare into the camera. Grids help, but if you don’t want to focus the light you either need barn doors on the lights or flags in front of the lights. I prefer the flags even though they are harder to set up. In the first shot, we had no flags or grids, so I had to do some post processing work to remove the glare. This was the last shot of the day and I was exhausted, so now I pay for it in photoshop.

Here is the light setup:

After the shoot, we took the wonderful Alexa to Animazement. She got mobbed by photographers.

That’s my light being triggered by my on camera speed light. The photographers swarmed after I started taking her photo and it was clear she knew what she was doing.
Her’s my shot of her. I couldn’t help myself.
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