Alexa Part 2


Alexa Part 2

Let’s talk about gels. Every light in this image is gelled. The background light, the rim lights and the main light are gelled. You can see the way I gelled the softbox in the reflection in Alexa’s eyes. Just put two orange, or CTO gels taped to the front of the softbox. You can also put the gels on the inner diffuser.


Gothic Lolita shoot with Alexa

We spent a weekend shooting Alexa. Time well spent. I absolutely LOVE working with her. She is a great example of what I expect from a model. Pose after pose she gave me slight variations of looks each one a keeper, followed directions to a tee, and just blew my mind. Look at the above [...] Read More


Dragon Con 2012

See the whole gallery here   Mr. Freeze, scarecrow, joker, henchman, poison ivy, harley quinn                            


Animazement 2011

Erin and I go to Animazement every year to see the neat costumes. We try to take as many pictures as we can, but con-goers are pretty shy, so we miss some of the best costumes every year. Good Times. You can see all of the pictures here. Here are some of our favorites. My [...] Read More


Danielle – location scouting

Here are some pictures of a model we met in San Francisco. She told me she wanted to be a demon coming out of the woods. I think she did a great job. She goes by the name of Necro Wolfie. We were a little worried because we don’t know our way around San Fran, [...] Read More


Fun Halloween this year, even though I have had a terrible cold all weekend. First to Chandra’s house in Charlotte, NC on Friday. We always take a group picture outside Chandra’s house. This is the only party I have made every year. Something always comes up for every other party. Erin and I got stuck [...] Read More


I took some pictures of Supergirl a few weeks back.  Here are my favorites.  Taken with some strong monolights and a generator.  I needed something to overpower the sun. Next time, I will use a neutral density filter to get my aperture down to 8.  These are F16-F22, so they are not as sharp at [...] Read More

Check your B-roll!

I can’t believe I missed this picture at Circus Maximus when I was going through my rejects.

Raleigh Wide Open

Raleigh Wide Open was a blast. I picked up my niece in Lumberton and brought her up to the capital to hang out. It turns out, we were having a big festival. I told her that this is just how we roll on Saturdays. She didn’t seem impressed.

Animazement / Cosplay

Erin and I decided to go down to the anime convention and see what we could see. And there was much to see from Navi to Chun Li to Final Fantasy. (Did you see how I rhymed that last bit?) Here are my favorite costumes that we shot.